Construction And Maintenance Jobs

Construction and Maintenance are a vital element of road construction and transportation. The planning and development of roads are usually thought of by the local governments, state agencies, or a specially designated agency. The design of roadways in a given community is usually in the discretion of the local road authorities, while the state legislature dictates their routes.


Construction and maintenance cover a broad spectrum of tasks, including road building and repair, pavement markings, roadway lighting, curb and gutter replacement, sewer line replacement, storm drainage systems, and bridges. In some cases, some construction projects are undertaken by an independent contracting company that works independently of the main contractor.


Major road construction projects are typically funded by either a state or federal agency through an infrastructure loan, grant, or bonding program. However, most major road projects are not funded by government sources, and the majority of private funding for road construction comes from private sources such as auto insurance companies and banks.


In most cases, all major road project begins with an engineering study and design, and this includes both the preliminary engineering work and final engineering work, and typically includes a detailed survey. If you are currently working on a new construction project, you are familiar with this process as it is the foundation on which everything else begins.


In addition to this process, road projects must be scheduled and completed according to specific plans approved by a governing body such as the State Board of Equalization. The majority of states require that any new road, whether it is a new asphalt driveway, new railroad grade crossing, or new sidewalk, be designed according to a set schedule. For example, a highway may be planned so that it will open up a block early rather than opening up at all, or it may be planned so that one lane will be open in each direction of traffic.


Construction and maintenance are required in many cases to keep roads safe and pass safety inspections. However, there are times when these activities are outsourced to third-party companies who are also responsible for general upkeep. Such third-party companies include painting, concrete marking, and paving, along with road maintenance such as road block and erosion control, roadside irrigation, snow removal, and seeding, road wash-off and marking, etc.


Most construction projects are covered by construction insurance and a portion of the construction costs will be covered by insurance as well, but the exact coverage for each project will vary depending on the policy being purchased. Many construction projects are not covered by any insurance, while other projects are covered as part of the contract, and some companies do provide insurance to clients.


Whether you are working in a small community or a large metropolitan area, the need for people who understand the construction business and the ins and outs of construction and maintenance is always on the rise. Construction and maintenance jobs are in high demand and there are plenty of construction and maintenance job opportunities available around the country.